It just takes one minute to make a difference. One choice can change your life. One committed moment of courage can show your true character. And one person choosing civility can have tremendous, long-term impact on others.

Are you ready to join the circle of civility and take one small step towards fostering civility by starting a civility initiative in your home, workplace or community?
Civility Initiatives for Business and Organizations
Mutual respect, and effective, meaningful connections and conversations across and among groups - whether those groups are at school, in the community or at work, are essential to building trust and social capital. Civility Experts is pleased to offer coaching and tools to assist you in starting your own civility initiative.

Research shows there is a cost of rudeness to business, download a copy of the Baltimore Workplace Study.
Workplace Civility Initiatives Workshops and Toolkit Options:
Option Two
Civility at Work© Civility Ambassador
Train-the-Trainer Program
Corporate Train the Trainer
Option Three
Civility at Work©
Workplace Civility Initiative Toolkit
Option Four
General Civility workshops & presentations
Option Five - Coming Soon
How to Start a Civility Initiative Webinars and
“I Choose Civility” E-book
For not-for-profit organizations or communities
In the groundbreaking book, "Bowling Alone: the Collapse and Revival of American Community," Dr. Robert Putnam cites stunning statistics about the physical effects of positive social involvement. Civility matters because it affects our emotional health, our physical health and our community health.

Because It Matters Canada is a community civility initiative program modeled after - an extraordinary community civility initiative created by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation and sustained by the community.

The goal of the initiative is to promote civility in workplaces, neighborhoods, civic organizations, and schools.  The vision and commitment of the Because It Matters leadership team has resulted in a strengthening of the social fabric of the region.

In launching Because It Matters Canada, Civility Experts hopes to build upon the benchmark set by Wendy Deming, Chief of Staff – and the team, at the Gulf Coast Community Foundation and foster awareness and interest in community civility initiatives across Canada.
Option Two
Community  Civility Ambassador
Train-the-Trainer Program
Option Three
Because It Matters
  Civility Toolkit
Initiative Toolkit
Option Four
General Civility workshops & presentations
Option Five - Coming Soon
How to Start a Civility Initiative Webinars and
“I Choose Civility” E-book
For Schools and Childcare Centers - Macaroni and Please ™
The Macaroni and Please program includes:

A half-day overview and planning workshop for your Civility Initiative committee with Civility Expert Lew Bayer where you will learn:
  • How to define and describe civility in your school/setting
  • The benefits of civility to your school or childcare center
  • Strategies and best practices for starting and sustaining a civility initiative
  • A template for creating your own civility initiative plan
  • A full-day Train-the-Trainer workshop for up to 4 Civility at School Ambassadors who will implement your civility initiative
  • Ready-to-use manners lessons and courtesy at school training programs that you can use for building civility in your school or childcare center
  • Tools and training materials for getting started
  • Sources and resources for materials and tools to sustain your civility initiative.

Get more Macaroni and Please™ school initiative information.

We also invite you to check out Manners at School.

To learn more about Lew Bayer & her group of companies go to Civility Experts for comprehensive listings of workshops, products and services.
Start A Civility Initiative
With Lew Bayer & The Civility Experts Team
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